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Consignment Services

Do you have nicely preserved items at home that you'd like to sell?  But don't want to go through the hassle of selling it  yourself?  Check out our consignment services and let us do the selling for you.


Our Consignment Program

We appreciate your interest in doing consignment with us. Emailing us pictures of the item(s) would be very helpful along with a little of information about the item(s) including the condition, designer name, and measurements if possible. Name and email/phone number is necessary.

We will appraise your item(s) and will inform you the date and time you can drop off the item(s) at the store. All item(s) must be freshly clean and have no stains, odors, repairs needed or other signs of wear to be accepted.

If soil or stains are identified after and item has been accepted, the item may be cleaned for you and the charge deducted from the proceeds on the sale of the item. Price will be established by Three Stars Resale Shop and may be discounted at our discretion.

Your Portion of the sales proceeds from an item will be 50%

The consignment period is 90 days.If an item has not sold within 90 days,we will contact you to reclaim it.If the item is NOT reclaimed with in a week of the

Notice the item will become property of Three Stars Resale Shop.You can call or email to check on your item(s) at any time.  


Questions? Contact us at                                                   or call 1(773) 904-7634


We are a family business that thinks that our items should matter and be helpful to our customers.Things that Three Stars accepts includes

Antiques to Mid Century to Modern Design!

Furniture-Lighting-Art-Home Decor

Thank You helping us be a successful business!

If you're interested in utilizing our consignment program, please click on the link below, print out the form, fill it out completely and email it back to us or bring it into the store.

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